torsdag 10. september 2009

Lack of Title

Couldnt think about anything, still cant think, brain is just there but not really. It feels like I`m still asleep but dreaming that I woke up, got dressed and went to work. That would suck....

Grand Crusader was talked about in the last post and yesterday we had another go at this instance.

We had a new setup, less squishy one and apparantly the Northrend Beasts have gotten several changes, making them easier. Used 6 tries though, tank kept dieing or a caster was humped by "YOU NO TAKE CANDEL" while fire landed. Goooooood combination.

Lord Jaraxxus has been buffed some, Mistress of pain will spawn quicker from the portal, so DPS needs to react quickly. Had 14 tries and then he went down in a flawless kill.

Faction Champions; Last reset we had the resto druid and resto shaman, GOD DAMN THAT SUCKED. At one attempt we dealt 1.5 million damage to the shaman and he recived 1.8 million healing, that`s with Mortal Strike up. Also the warrior and ret paladin where running around ganging up and ¤&#)&!U raiders. To say it in another way, there where 10 pissed of raiders, reallllly pissed of raiders. It didnt help when one of the young cubs joined VT and asked the following question
"Are you guys having problems logging in" imagin that with a high pitched, nasal voice that just triggers bloodrage in you. On top of that you`ve just smashed your head against a wall. For the sake of my own health I had to move the raid to Ulduar and bla bla.

But yesterday we had the following setup;
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin
Death Knight
Enhance Shammy
Shadow Priest

and just nuke the rest, 5 attempts and they went down. AHHHHHHH, relief filled VT, shouts of joy, it was goooooooood.

Had 1 attempt on the Val'kyrs and they seem doable, more HP and more damage taken from orbs, shouldnt be to hard.

Gonna play Texas Hold'EM tonight, beer, poker and crappy company sounds like a good plan.

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  1. hehe, good luck on the poker. And yeah a damn fine night. Lets have more of those, shall we.

  2. I`m so gonna win tonight, gonna go Unabomber on them with hood and glasses