mandag 14. september 2009

Raiding as Meta/Demo part 1

As I have mentioned I`m the demolock in our guild, my own choice ofcourse. Now for all aspiring warlock out there, this is not a specc in which you will own damage meteres. If you do there are two posibilites:

a) Your outgear the others
b) The DPS doesnt have a fucking clue

The reason for having a demo lock is Demonic Pact and lack of a Fire mage. When your spellpower is greater then 2810 you`ll give more spellpower to the raid then ToW(Totem of Wrath), 5/5 in ISP(Improved Shadow Bolt) gives the ranged 5% crit to the target, this is a 30second debuff.

I`m going to experiment more on how much the raid really benifits from my buffs in fights. Last wednesday I ran as Demo in the Crusader raid, next time I`m going to run as Destruction and then compare on Epiphany raid, this will not give me the exact numbers for everything but it should give me a general idea of its uses.

What I`m after is to know if my DPS loss is greater or less then the overall raid dps gain. If I loose 1k dps then the remaining casters need to make up for that.

But if you are in a guild that runs 25 mans and lack Elemental shamans and Mages with scorch, the DPS gain will be good for the remaining casters. And you should go as Demo/Meta.

In a 10 man enviroment, the casters will most likly not make up for the DPS loss you`ll have as meta/demo. Depending on raid comp ofcourse.

In the next post I`ll post my specc, glyphs to use and general rotation and CD usage.

And btw, I went out early in out texas hold 'em tournement. IT SUCKED!

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