mandag 14. september 2009

So I met some twins yesterday

One is light skinned the other one is dark skinned, they are called Fjola and Edyis and are abit sadistic. We failed yet again to get a 25man raid going, fine with me. If people dont care, then I dont care. So we continued on GC 10man asshat mode.

But we gangbanged the twins, nasty sight and not easy as a 'nome. First attempt ended in a wipe, Tittertot had the decision:

a) Run far
b) Run the short distance

Yeah, you guessed it, I picked a!
Titter: Did I just stand by a white portal? but I choose to run all the fucking way over there?
Creator: Yeah, I was like "RUN FORREST, RUN!". Gave me a laugh.
Titter: Bah, well lessong learned the hard way!!!
Creator: Sure....
Titter: Fuck off!

But The mighty Titter and the other asshats rebuffed and took down the twins. 1 shaman fell in combat and recived the Purple Heart for his bravery and then suddenly he was alive again. God works in mysterious ways but sometimes its just nice to have a druid among us.

Anewb'Arak is the only boss left now, we had 14-15 tries on it yesterday and its abit harder then normal, just abit. We have 9 tries left and we are gonna put em to good use tonight..

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  1. Yeap, a good night. And twins easymode. And in all honesty we should not be wiping as we do on Anub. He aint that hard, ppl get the kiting going...