torsdag 17. september 2009


One day a dear Shaman in the guild asked the fatal question:
Are anyone familiar with hamsters?
Me and Caird supplied him with cooking advices and other related hamster activities. Poor Denky was only concerned cause he though his hamster was sick, oh well......

This has ofcourse been used against Denky many times and latly he made a RP post on the forum. And me and Caird just had to, so I present to you

1. Link two with an unbent coat hanger and you have cheap ear muffs.

2. Use several at the base of a door as a draft-blocker.

3. Stuff a pillow that has begun to flatten out with them.

4. Make great "bear rugs" for dollhouses.

5. Drop them in the salad bar at your nearest buffet restaurant. Sue vigorously.

6. Batter and fry.

7. Great cat stocking stuffer.

8. Absorbs perspiration when worn under arm.

9. Distracts flies from the dinner table when placed in a distant corner.

10. When spray-painted white and hung from rearview mirror look amazingly like fuzzy dice.

11. Several combine for a stylish, warm hairpiece.

12. Make controversial body hair for lawn statuary.

13. Can be taxidermied and positioned so teeth act as pencil sharpener.

14. Great shammy to give your car that post-wax gleam.

15. Heat in microwave and stick in shoes on cold January mornings for toasty comfort.

16. Barbie and Ken want a new beanbag chair! Voila!

17. Didn't you always feel fruitcake needed some sort of meat?

18. Grandma is near-sighted and needs a new pincushion. Need I say more?

19. You'll never buy another lint remover with this little fellow around.

20. Skin makes great prop for Ken doll's reenactment of Clan of the Cave Hamster

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