torsdag 5. november 2009

Switching domains

I`ve been working latly on switching my blog from Blogger to Wordpress and I feel that wordpress gives me some more and better options, so here goes:

Ten(12) Commandments

Well I`ve had a brain freeze and not much to write about. Our tanks are doing more TPS then me, hence I cant steal aggro and my weekly visits to the creator have lessend.

But my guild is currently having issues with people not signing for hardmode raids and I dont know why. So me and the other officer have made a bulletproof(?) plan. We raid 3 days a week, usually we cleared Totc 25 normal in 1 hour leaving 2 hours to do Togc. This is day 1, now we have about 30-35 signed for this raid. Day 2 there`s 15-20 sign ups and day 3 is even less. So what`s the master plan? Each raid we do Togc first and then take 2 bosses down at the end. Is it working, hard to say, we`ll have to see at the end of this reset.

fredag 23. oktober 2009

How to....

Do hardmodes like Epiphany.

Most likely everyone have either tried or cleared Grand Crusader. This is how we do stuff in Epiphany.

torsdag 22. oktober 2009

I just ran

3000m, 3km, 1,86miles, 3280y and I failed. Running in at 14,26 tells me I`m out of shape...

Who`s to blame? WoW or me?

Easiest thing is to blame WoW, but stuffing fast food, cake and other things without training takes its toll.

So my new years resolution, 12 something. I`m sure as hell tired of ending last in my department. Ofcourse this has been my aim for 3years now.

But atleast I rock at WoW, noone can take that away from me. This saturday we aim for the insanity title in ToGC and yes, there`s a lock called Titter'Fucking'Tot in the raid.