fredag 23. oktober 2009

How to....

Do hardmodes like Epiphany.

Most likely everyone have either tried or cleared Grand Crusader. This is how we do stuff in Epiphany.

Northrend Beasts:
Phase 1 - Gormokk The Impaler
Tanks have a easy task, dont get more then 3 stacks of impale. Face Gormok away from melee and help out on Snobolds when you`re off tank duty.

DPS also have it easy. DPS stuff, ranged that gets "You no take candel" run into melee to get splash damage on Gormokk aswell. Dont stand in fire as that usually hurts.

Healers heal raid and tanks.

If you have priests, have them levitate ranged. If you get hit by the fire, levitate will be canceled and there will be no fire. WIN!

You have around 3 minuts to get 4 bolds and Gormokk down. So it "can" be dps heavy.

Bubbel tanks if they still have impale.

Phase 2 - Acidmaw and Dreadmaw
Tanks, keep their front away from the raid. Move the worms around when they are not stationary. This due to poison.

DPS, spread out and nuke Acidmaw down first. If you get poison or fire debuff do your thing accordingly.

Healers, same as DPS but you heal tanks and raid.

You have about 3 minuts to do this.

Phase 3 - Icehowl
At this point all you need to worry about is not getting run over by him.
Melee, if you stay at max melee range you avoid the knockback. Tank have back against the wall.

Stay spread, pop hero at first crash. Kill and collect your gear labeled HEROIC. This will greatly increase your e-peen in major cities.

Awesome, next I`ll do Jaraxxus.

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