torsdag 5. november 2009

Ten(12) Commandments

Well I`ve had a brain freeze and not much to write about. Our tanks are doing more TPS then me, hence I cant steal aggro and my weekly visits to the creator have lessend.

But my guild is currently having issues with people not signing for hardmode raids and I dont know why. So me and the other officer have made a bulletproof(?) plan. We raid 3 days a week, usually we cleared Totc 25 normal in 1 hour leaving 2 hours to do Togc. This is day 1, now we have about 30-35 signed for this raid. Day 2 there`s 15-20 sign ups and day 3 is even less. So what`s the master plan? Each raid we do Togc first and then take 2 bosses down at the end. Is it working, hard to say, we`ll have to see at the end of this reset.

But here`s the Ten Commandments all should know!
1. Tanks, face bosses away from the raid. ALWAYS
2. Announce if you have to move the boss and by doing so you will have to face him towards the raid for a short while.
3. Melee DPS, dont stand on the boss as it is about to activate. Gormokk, worms etc are good examples. The bosses dont know that you are not a tank and they will smack you face down!
4. When RL says spread out, spread the fuck OUT. It`s quite simple and there`s usually a reason for it.
5. When big things are about to charge you, move da fuck away. Getting hit usually means getting smacked.
6. If big thing isnt directly on route towards you dont move towards the inpact point. That will result in a smack down.
7. DPS do what you are supposed to and healers heal what you are supposed to. If RL says nuke portal, you better go GUNG HO on it. Trust the others to do their job.
8. Dont attack things before the tank has it. That usually mean pulling aggro and getting smacked. Exeptions are; NONE
9. IF you have aggro reducing abilities use them BEFORE you take aggro, not after. Example; Warlock and mage are standing together, casting spells, drinking tee etc. Titter"The fucking lock"tot steals aggro.
Lock: "lol, soulshatter"
Boss targets poor mage
Poor mage dies
Mage: "WTF"
Lock: "lol, learn to use aggro reduction thingis"
10. Hunters and rogues use your abilities to help tonks out. Usually you can use them during fights aswell. Hell, rogues can use ToT on dps aswell aslong as treath isnt a problem.
11. Dont learn others to play their class if you cant play your class!
Example; Random raid member dies because he was the closest one to the boss. Reaction "WTF didnt even hit him" DOH, you where the closest one. Did he/she learn, nope, no, hell no. Next try, random raider does the same and reaction from the others: "GET THE FUCK BACK TO THE ENTRANCE, then you can come to the boss once he is engaged."

Random raid member later on has the friggin nerve to yell on others because they got hit by big thing. "Dude, you`ve kept fucking up during the raid. STFU"


Righto, happy hunting. Got Jaraxxus down HM yesterday, faction champions sucks!

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