mandag 7. september 2009

Gear and stuff

If you read on Elitist or The Warlock Den you`ll get the general idea what to focus on and how to play. Last post I wrote about this subject and my perspective is changed abit seens then. Demonology specc is quite usefull to the raid, when taking into account DPS for other casters and your own survivability.

But I`ve recently got some upgrades and yes, e-peen is now: <-----> and that`s quite satisfying... The new T 9.x 2xsetbonus is powerfull, I didnt think so at first but it gives you 10% crit, if you are going Destro and Empowered Imp. If you are Demo/Meta it increases the uptime on DP. As to what pieces to pick I think Legs and Hands are the best choices at the moment. Shoulders is an option aswell, but legs/hands combo gives the best stats.

The resent upgrades has caused me to loose 100 hasteraiting, but I`ve gained 5% crit and the changes are obvious. I`m actually competing for top damage now and a couple of weeks ago I was far from it.

Theorycrafting says that haste scales better with SP as we get better gear and I dont doubt it. With the 2 setbonus on T9, crit from gear will be changed to haste gear WHEN the upgrades come. My goal is to reach 1.9 incin cast speed unbuffed and I think it should be doable to get 1.8 as Epiphany cleares more content.

As to aggro management, always start fights with CoE/CoD and Corr, immolate - Conflag - CB - Incin and keep this up. Dont bother using Corr in standard rotation, it is a DPS loss. Befriend the palas in the guild so that they give you salvation, you are gonna need it. Remember a dead damage dealer, deals 0 damage.

On a side note, Epiphany started with some HM yesterday. We took down FL with 2 towers, not a big deal but it was a messy kill. XT HM, took us 3 tries to get it down. Messy fight with 25 people and as caster it felt like I was just nuking those damned Life Sparks down. We tried IC with Steelbreaker last, was just messy, really messy. Ended up with us taking Molgeim last instead and we got the quest item.

Hodir HM is a challenge. We choose to go with 1tank, 5 healers, 19DPS. Each DPS need to pump out atleast 10k DPS througout the fight. We managed at best 135k raid dps, so tonight we`ll try some more and we`ll just have to see how it goes..

From a TotC pug;
Random warrior: Use cockwave in phase 2
Random warrior 2: Ok
Titter"clueless"tot: Cockwave? Really?

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