fredag 4. september 2009

I stole the banner and other stuff

Banner taken from my guild

Yes we are still 9 asshats and 1 mighty 'nome. Aim for tonight was getting Heroic Crusader Coliseum down or atleast as much as we could. The normal CC is easy mode once you have the tactics under controle. Heroic is a diffrent ballpark, basicly the damage output is higher, there`s a timer to beat and you cant have casualties. You only have 50 attempts on all fights so there are limits.

But the tactics are exactly the same. Nuke boss, kill adds, move from fire/poison and stay alive. You have 2 minuts and 30seconds before the next encounter starts, with a good raid DPS the time limit is a none issue, but if 1 dies(Yes Titter'fucking'tot died alot) you are basicly screwed. But 15 tries later we had the buggers down.

When Icehowl targets 'nomes the raid should be ready for enrage, cause we cant run fast enough. Short legs FTL. The creator was laughing his ass of when Icehowl charged my tiny ass and fucked me over. Needles to say, we wiped on what was supposed to be a kill. Same happend to our pink haired 'nome. Blizz should buff our running speed, make it a racial, 50% increased running speed, that should put us on the same playing field as the rest of you long legs.

Breaking hard mode down:

Phase 1:
Boss gets a stacking damage buff.
The rest is just nuking things down. When someone gets a "YOU NO TAKE CANDEL" on their back, run into melee range and announce on VT. All DPS switch focus, and take it down, afterwards loot candel to enrage the others. "YOU NO TAKE CANDEL"
Tank switch on 3 stacks and bubbel(if you have) when the boss is down.

Phase 2:
We nuke the one that is standing still. This way you get them both low on HP and the enrage doesnt last that long. Stay spread and communicate. Fire/poison debuff needs to be called out.

Phase 3:
If you have 10 alive this is the easy part, if you have 'nomes it will make it harder. We pop Heroisme on the first wallchrash, you have 3 minuts untill Icehowl enrages, if you`ve come this far it`s a kill.

Collect loot that has Heroic written on them and your e-peen can grow by quite alot.

We had a look at the second boss and he seems fairly easy compared to NB encounter. Diffrence is that you have to kill the volcanos and the summoning party and he throws a curse on people. Tuesday is the day we use the remaining attempt and I expect to get more HM down.

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