torsdag 3. september 2009

I r back

Yesterday brought us the last boss in that pesky instance. I dont even know what it`s called yet. I switch between Collesuem(spelling), AC and Colliseum(Spelling) but anywhos, I R BACK. Casting shit and producing even more shit, my Shadow bolts where all over the place. Probably kinda why i did not deliver the DPS, but as earlier posts, I choose my Meta specc. With me was Mr. Emoguard, who I might add has done a splendid job latly and my transform into evol DEMON. Titter "the mighty" tot brings spellpowers to casters and 5% crit to spells, can I get a "AMEN", Halleluja brother...

But this specc gimps my DPS, hence my e-peen will shrink accordingly and that`s sumtin I dont like. The excuse, "but I give spellpower and crit" isnt valid. Atleast that`s what the rogues, warriors, hunters say. The rest loves us, yes they do.

Anyways, I`m Tittertot and I deliver. Last night we fought our way through the 4 challenges before yet another spider thing. This fight Tittertot likes cause of a few things.
a) Titter can stand still and just pewpew his guts out.
b) Titter gets to AoE stuff
c) Titter can stand still and just pewpew stuff.

The boss spawns 4 adds each time he is up. These adds gain a buff from each other, guess what? Tank them apart, good boy. When Anewb takes a dirt dive have adds on ice and take them down, this goes on until 30%. The Anewb uses Leaching Swarm which drains 10% of current HP from each raid member and heals him self. Guess what, make sure adds are dead, they will stop spawning, dont heal raid members unless it is needed.

So 6 tries and he went down. Guess what happend on the kill? Boss at 70%,takes a dirt dive, The amazing 'nome gets pursuited by Anewb and SMACK, 1 dead 'nome.

Titter: "FUCK ME"
Creator: "No thanks"
Titter: "Why, why is it that I die on every first kill we have, WHY???????? I didnt aggro the boss or anything, I was playing smart 'nome"
Creator: "Should have kited that shit through the snow"
Titter: "OH shut it! Smartarse"
Creator: ^^

So I met with my creator and down Anewb went. Everyone in the raid was so happy that they simply forgot to ressurect dead 'nome. Took them 2 min to realise that "the mighty" Tot was dead, WTF, every healer/caster should have me as focus frame by now, JEEEZ.

So we had 1 hour left, decided to try Hard mode. GG, we did something wrong but damn there`s some crazy requirments neeeded. Ah well, sunday is Ulduar and Monday should bring 3 hours of fun wiping.

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