onsdag 2. september 2009

The rock

In geology, rock is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals and/or mineraloids.
This is a rock.

"Dont throw rocks when you live in a glasshouse"

Well probably not a smart idea but I`m sure it has been done. So why this rock thing? Ever tried discussing with a rock? I`ve not but I`m sure that the discussion I`ve just had was a near rock experience. How can you explain something to a person that doesnt want to see reason or see changes? There`s two options here:

a. I`m the one that has it the wrong way
b. The other one has it the wrong way and doesnt like the changes proposed

I work with a person like this, I proposed some small changes to a education program. Emphasis on small changes. They are in my view good changes, that`s the reason I made them but this person is questioning them. "WHY? Whats the purpose? Isnt the product good enough?" Well it is, but there`s always improvments to be made.

This brings me to the conclusion, changes are usually good and will evolve into something better. But how can you convince others that the changes are needed for further development, how do you convince a stone to float in the water or not crush windows on impact?

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