mandag 31. august 2009

I tried

but it didnt work. I made a post on the officer forum and general forum that I was quitting the guild. There was plenty of reasons why I did this, most of all a diffrence in opinions.

Epiphany is one of those guilds that try the casual/hardcore approach and it is working to some extend, it`s just that the hardcore part isnt hardcore. As to my definition of hardcore it`s simply this. A player that when he/she raids does his/her best and always looks for ways to improve their game. Are always prepared, food, flasks, read up on tactics etc.

Hardcore for me isnt about raiding 7 days a week, 4-5 hours each night, cause there simply isnt any need for it, but having like minded people is important to me.

So as one of Epiphany officers I suggested we make a "raider" core in the guild. Rewarding those individuals that where like minded, again in theory this is a good idea, but there`s some problems. When 20 raiders/5casuals for normal clear was a rule, this meant we had to carry some people. In itself this isnt a big problem for us, as most atleast tried their best. But when you take a casual tank/healer the workload on the rest just get to much.

In the end this caused to much for me and I got tired of it. Doing the same things over and over again where just to much. I tried to quit the guild, made the posts and felt better straight away. My plans for the future where simple, run around and do nothing. Join some casuale PuG's etc etc etc.

What happende instead was that the GM of the guild wondered what it would take for me to stay and that questions had one simple answer. Hardcore part of the guild, with a raid roster of 30-35 people dedicated to raiding and pushing our limits. Still bearing the guild tag of Epiphany but with some small changes. So we`ll just have to see how this goes.

I feel like a attention whore right now, threatning with a /gquit if I didnt get my way.... BUT that was never this 'nomes intention...

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