onsdag 19. august 2009


I`m bored at work, just waiting on the clock to hit lunch time.

As I mentioned in the last post mighty Titter and 9 asshats went for some hard modes yesterday. All I can say is this, FIRE IS BAD, Mimiron hard mode is HARD. Jeeeeez, but it was fun. We actually got to phase 3 a couple of times but the thought about phase 4 wiped us. Imagine all that shait and FIRE on the floor. So after 2 hours of wiping we wiped 1 more time on normal, then just nuked him down. This week we`ll get more tries and WTB druid....

Up next General hardmode. Cant say it was much of a challenge, DPS was high, thing spawned and died, general died. Took us 4 attempts though, but not a hard hard mode.

3 achivments away from proto drake, Yogg-Saron, Mimiron and Dwarfs medium rare.

Would like to make a video, but then people would see how much my dps sucks. MS Warrior Caird did twice as much damage as me on Ignis. We are similar gear.... WTB 'nome wreak heavy havoc spell.

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