tirsdag 18. august 2009

The Few, The Proud

Not the Marines, but the Mighty Titter and 9 other asshats from Epiphany.

Thursday last week, we came, we saw, we conquered. Lord Jaraxxus was the main focus and he went down on the first try... Dispelling, healing and general wreaking havoc was needed and down the demon went. Titter wants to be able to make a summoning portal of that size and Titter knows he can controle a demon of that size. The 'nome lock that summoned Lord Jaraxxus got killed by him. Titter was crying from the failure. 'nome locks are more powerfull then that!

Anyways, we had more time then expected, so we went for Ulduar and hardmodes. Turned out to be a good night for hardmodes. Flame Levithan with 4 towers took us about 1 hour. XT went down on the first try. Crazy Cat Lady achivment took 3 tries, Hodir went down with 30 seconds to spare. Thorim got 1 shotted and the rest of the evning went into Freya +3. We used about 1 hour and down she went.

Tonight we`ll go for Mimiron and getting that sucker down. Dont think it will cause us to much trouble and the we`ll have 1 hour with Algalon. Titter is so gonna send him back to where ever he came from. Titter is gonna make him run crying like a little b....!

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