torsdag 13. august 2009

Something unusual

Last night General Vezax got served by Epiphany.

25 asshats went into an extended raid last night. Last week we cleared most of Ulduar but had 2 keepers left. Thorim has caused pain before and has not been an encounter we`ve one shotted, last night we did though. Things went good enough and 5-6 deaths didnt cause to much trouble.

Hodir is a breeze and we simply nuked the bugger down.

As raidleader I decided we should try some crowd control on packs before the General, didnt work to well. So we ended up just tanking the lot and AoE'ing them down.

The General fight is simple, interrupt spell, spread out, pump out as much DPS as you can. It took us 4 tries and down he went. We had 3 melee on interrupt rotation and quite some laughs when one of our shammies couldnt figure out how to make the ^ over the i. Stupid shamans...... Anyways, if melee fails on interrupts to many times it`s a wipe, simple as that. If range doesnt stay spread, it`s a wipe.

From a warlock perspective the fight is like this. If you use normal rotation you`ll be out of mana quickly, I tried first with full destro and the dps was utterly crap. Lack of shadow crash residue didnt help. So I went Meta/destro specc, and having the Emo guard pushed my dps quite alot.

When you find yourself in the black residue, blow CD you have and nuke as hard as you can, haste buff, mana reduction on spells and increased damage will help.

As for the rest I kept CoD up the whole time, lifetap glyph active and wanded alot.

It defently requires experience to pump out max dps on this fight and it`s a melee friendly fight.

We got an hour on Yoggi aswell, hitting phase 2 everytime but failing big time there. On sunday we`ll have 3 hours of yogg tries and I think we`ll get that fucker down.

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