mandag 10. august 2009

Has alts, will use them

So Titter has been buzy bee latly. 3.2 didnt bring much changes to lock's wreaking havoc. On patch day 10 asshats decided to move into the new instance, was fun with something new. Took us some time to get the fights down but in the end it wasnt a big challenge. Titter recived a lvl item 232 wand and e-peen is now <--->, not bad for a 'nome. Also there`s been badge whoring, doing Ulduar 25 and Ulduar 10 asshats hard modes.

We recently recruited a shaman healer and I must say I`m impressed by this person. He`s a quick learner, humble in his approch and seems like a really good man. Best recruit in a long time and that makes me a happy 'nome.

I`ve recently taken upon me to be the guilds demo lock, bringing shiny spellpower love to the casters, but went back to destro in a naxx 25 pug. Guess what, it worked just fine. 'Nome Titter didnt steal aggro, didnt die and defently had an e-peen increase from wreaking major havoc to Naxx filth. And the rotation is soooooo much easier, it`s just facerolling all the way.

But I has alts, many alts, way to many alts. I`m an altoholic it seems.... I has a lvl 80 hunter, had him for awhile, second toon to 60 and was running around MC, BWL when we needed him. He`s called Karazka and is Orc, this hunter is stupid in so many ways. He pulls things and Feign Death, MD on random people to for the laugh of it, he`s an EVOL HUNTARD.

Last night Karazka traveled into Naxx as MM and got plenty of purple pixels, the best one was the gun from KT.

Karazka: Drop gun, TARD!
Karazka: YES WAI
KT: Hrmmf.....

Gun drops, Karazka rolls higher then the other huntard and recives loot. Happy huntard. Now Karazka get whisper from other hunter:

Huntard: Plz pass gun to me.
Karazka:(orc) Grewt osid leks
Huntard: Been doing Naxx seens for ever, plzzzzzz
Karazka:(orc) Gnash grewt kewl
Karazka performs vanishing act

Later on while gemming and shit

Random whore: Greedy fuck!
GG logging alt and whining

Little later

Random whore the 2nd: Please let my mate have the gun, just name your price.
Karazka:(orc) Humle krishi glesh!

Moral of the story, E-peen > Money

I mean really, in a PUG everyone thinks about them self. There`s no check to see if item A is a better upgrade for person Y or person X. It`s 25 asshats running around, hoping to get lucky on rolls. I`ve got 0 regrets from rolling on things. I pull my weight in the instance, my thoughts are simple, the more I do the quicker I can get out of this shit. If I was a slacker, freshly dinged or sumtin like that I might think twice. But I`m not, I`m far from the perfect EJ hunter but I still do all that I can to make progress as fast as possible.

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