onsdag 5. august 2009

Last night Tittertot went to visit the death god... Big deal.

First off we one shotted mr.Mimiron, easy job for pr0 people. And Titter didnt die a singel time, I`m getting the hang on this living thing it seems.

Then we went to see the General, nast bugger. Having bear tank(Healz lolz) made it easy, on the third try he went down. Tittertot was experiencing some mana issues, must say thats not fun. We can thank higher powers that my emoguard can atleast run in straight lines and hit things.

The black stuff that comes after Shadow Crashes, made Titter Jizz in his pants. What Titter did not like was sharing this with a female 'nome. Black = Warlock thing, not mage thing......

The death god is one ugly mofo, I meen he looks like a fish(as the picture shows) Now we failed time after time, we got to phase 2 every time xept for one. But killing tentacles is seriuz buiznz. We even got to see phase 3 a couple of times, but we where doomed.

Titter: What`s wrong with us?
Creator: Well, you guys suck.
Titter: Haha, very mature, dickhead!
Creator: Well, it`s true!
Titter: I hate you, see you after next wipe though.

In the end we had to admit failure and went to shoot down a dragon and some flamy iron giant.

Titter had to go destro on the death god. Almost died a couple of times in phase 1, Titter simply doesnt like destro anymore. To much pewpew = dead 'nome.

Today 10 asshats will venture into the new raid thingy. Gonna be fun to see what kind of chaos mr.titter'nome can bring.

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