mandag 3. august 2009

How hard is WoW

Me and a mate had sort of an discussion the other day, how hard is Wow?

I mean, how hard is it to do alot of dps? how hard is it to tank? and last, healing how hard is it?

Last night we failed at yet another Ulduar 25man run, so we did 10man instead. Only 1 hard mode and that was FL with 2 towers up. All was going pretty smooth until we reach Hodir. Hodir causes trouble that shouldnt be any trouble.

Indeed we do. But as a result a 'nome mage got some buffs and *p00f* died. /raid: WTF, lol 50k damage instant, lolroflpoffel.

"Easy on the dps please, if you are close to getting aggro; Either a)Stop DPS b)Use sumtin to lower threath."

It didnt happen again. Then one of the healers decided to stand still >< for 20seconds.... and not jumping on top of the snow... Fail, but again it only happend once.

Now when this happens it`s ok, that they hadnt read up on the fights or have forgotten from earlier tries, pisses me off but hey it only a game. Nah, its good when they atleast can show some progress, show some understanding. Some of us have got a 1337'nes view of our self, but that doesnt mean everyone else has the same.

But I`m getting abit tired now. There`s 0 progress, we`re missing classes and people. "Bring the person, not the class" is true in so many ways. Hopefully things will shapen up. Titter's want Ulduar down before this new patch comes.

But how hard is tanking, dps or healing. Fact is, it`s not hard, not one bit. It`s just people that are to friggin lazy to even bother trying out stuff. If spell/ability X does more then Y, then you use X. If Y in combination with Z does more then X, you use Z then Y.

But here`s the good part, once things get back on track there`ll be no lazy wankers in the raid. Healthy competition for the spots, that`s all we need.

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