fredag 31. juli 2009


Last night I spent some time reading up on Warlocks and PvE.

- Talent speccs
- Stat values
- Damage rotation

Now I wonder who these people are, I`ve got some knowledge but damn. These people have made shit that would take me quite some time to learn. Page up and page down with numbers, speccs, supposed dps and when and what to cast.

I know Warlock is a hard class to play cause there can be alot to pay attention to.

So what do I personally get from all this shit? Close to nothing, will it be helpfull to the casual player running about? Not likely.

What can 'nome do for you then? Probably help a little. Get addons that do the following;

- Keep track on DoT's and proccs
In my little head having things center screen helps alot. That's where my main focus is. I use(will post link) a addon that allows me to put icons up for the buffs I want. These are large and show time left on the spell.

- Castbar addon
I simply use Quartz here. It allows me to cast a spell quicker due to server latency. It`s for me a yellow bar with red in the end. The more red, the higher the latency. Once the bar reaches the red, I can start to cast my other spell. This will increase caster dps by alot.

My other tip is simply this, dont cut DoT's. Let DoT's run their full duration before you cast a new one. Take Immolate, this is a cast dot. So when Immolate has less duration then casttime, fire it up. If you are running Destro specc or some hybrid, incin and CB will do less damage if the immolate DoT is gone. After all, we`re trying to maximise DPS.

What curses to use. Curse of Doom is my favourit, 1 cast, 1 minut duration. To quote another lock "Fire and forget". I currently use Corruption as my second DoT but I try to cast this while running, it`s not heavy damage for destro locks atleast.

You also have curses that benifits the raid. Curse of Weakness, Curse of Elements and Curse of Tounges. All can be used to benifit the raid, but only CoE will increase your own dps.

When it comes to speccs, you basicly specc what you like :) If you find yourself in a hard core guild, you`ll probably have no benifit from this guide, so bugger of.

As I`ve mentioned earlier, I`m currently Meta/Demo specc. This is a utility specc for my guild and my raid. I give 5% crit to mobs I pewpew with Shadow Bolt and 10% of my Spellpower is given to other casters in the raid. I like this specc because it does decent damage, I`m no threath to the tank and I give healthy buffs to casters.

Now I`m tired of giving out tips, this is not what I want to do, but after having a heavy shot contest with the creator I lost the bet :(

Creator: Let's have a competition
Titter: Hmmmmmm
Creator: CAM AN! /chicken
Titter: Ok ya wanker, bring it on
3 bottles of tequila later
Creator: PUSSY!
Titter: Shad ap!

That`s the last thing I remember. It was a legendary night though, I got Divine Intervention a little later and we went out and I had the creator as wingman. 'NUFF said

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