torsdag 30. juli 2009


All dungeons are resett, the same old is back up again. How can they take it?

The mighty Titter was just hanging around Dalaran, doing nothing. Absolutly nothing. I found my self a VoA 10 group and we went in and as normal I went about with my demonic schemes. Emalon dropped me pants, but my e-peen didnt get bigger.

Next up, Sarth 25 with 1 drake up. YAWN, I didnt manage to steal aggro once, close but no cigar.

Later on I joined a Naxx HC pug and it was an interesting experience. I met palas that buffed The Mighty Titter with might. Apparntly I`m supposed to be some kind of battle warlock that stabs things with my sword. The leaders spent soooo much time fixing groups and I had the feeling they where trying to get a Ph.D(?) in Naxxramas...

I lost a roll on hit gear to a holy priest. It seems like Healing now require hit.
"You cast Greater Heal"
"Greater Heal: MISS"
"Random tank dies"
"Priest: LOL, not hit capped"
Priest has been removed from the group

True story

But no hard feelings. I`m still rolling Demo specc, switched to destro but seems like it generates to much threath. Dead 'nome does nothing, though I miss my drinks with the Creator. He`s got some very old whisky. After about 4-5 hours the place was cleared and all I got was some shitty badges.

To future PUG dictators; Please know the instance, it makes Titter a sad friggin Panda when it goes slow.

Lessons learned last night:
- Healers need hit gear
- MP5 items are priest items
- Spirit is not a mage/warlock item, same goes for crit items
- Emoguard is still afraid of hights. Retard
- Pala tank going into heavy nerdRAGE cause they loose all rolls
- Giving blessings is hard, even harder to give the right one

It`s the new design for a new Achivment tabard.
Successfully lead and defeat each dungeon with random pugs.

But I`ve got nothing against Pugs, usually you find a group that is solid and have players that are interested in clearing as fast as possible. Think I`ve had more success then not.

What is success? It is a toy balloon among children armed with pins.
~Gene Fowler

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