tirsdag 28. juli 2009

Not Wow, but more frustrating

Didnt play World of War(lock)craft yesterday, been awhile tbh.

Instead I went out and played some golf. The simple fact that I havent killed someone or broken any clubs yet is beyond me. I rock at golf, I suck at golf, then suddenly I`m doing something new and I suck even more. Incoming nerdRAGE.

I do this thing when I get frustrated now. I line up, swing the club and the little bullshit white ball flies right. Usually there`s either a fucking rain forrest or a big lake on the right side, and the little fucker just does like a rogue and vanishes. I then take a new little white fucker, line up, swing and #"%!&#¤"&/"# to the right. I can do this a couple of times then simply nerdrage to the next tee.

Last night was almost complete when I managed to drive to the next tee, guess what; There was two people standing there........ The ball landed to the left of guy 1, guy 2 bent down a little and the ball bounced over his head. The normal thing to do here is yell "FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as loud as you can. I was so facinated by my hit that I simply whispered "four!". The ball went left, not right, facinating.

But it wasnt all bad, the times I got close to the green I rocked at my close play. Chipping near the cup and 1 put that shit. Some drives where exellent, I might just have broken the driver code, like Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code.

Think I`m gonna spend some time on the range and get my act together.

New reset today and the chance to increase my e-peen. Current status <--> hoping for <--->

I recomend searching youtube and type in Charles Barkly Golfswing. It friggin funny

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