mandag 27. juli 2009

Oh yes, I did it!

Last night Titter topped the charts (Pictures to come), think I ended up with a solid 14 deaths and runner up with only 10(lol)

Sad thing though, Tittertots didnt die from angry mobs :( Just crappy AoE damage all over the place. Titter`s mad but is gonna make hell come to Azeroth next raid.

Titter went for a respecc aswell last night, only to please healers and other ranged dps. This is part of my "5 Steps to getting healers place you as focus target" plan. Titter went and specced heavy demo with Emoguard and Turn into a black demon. One word EVOL.

The only thing that bugged Titters was the fact that the emoguard is kinda stupid, borderline retarded. Can you say retarded or should Titter be political correct and say "Mentally challenged", think we`ll stick with retarded. But why you say? He couldnt make the jump from Thorims place down into the arena! Even huntards can make that jump. So Titter needed to have a little chat with mr. Emo himself.

Titter: Sup emo?
Emo: Sup 'nome
Titter: Why the F=)&¤ cant you jump down?
Emo: 'Fraid of hights!
Titter: huh?
Emo: Yup, 'fraid of hights
Titter: Stupid %¤#!"¤& !¤&¤#!"& ¤#%/%&#/(

And so it went for 5 minuts. Titters gonna have to replace Emoguard, wonder if Chuck Norris can be tamed....

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