mandag 27. juli 2009

Titter toughts

Fancy word play, I know. I`ve been pondering what this blog should be about, PvE, PvP, lock gameplay or whatever. Me and a buddy got a page where we write down tactics for Ulduar, both normal and hard modes. So this blog isnt gonna be about that atleast.

I`m new to lock, the class has always seemed like a fun class to play and I`m not dissapointed. But seens I lack experience in the class, I really cant begin doing theorylockcrafting either.

So I`m just gonna write things that comes into my head. I`m really good at dieing so I`m gonna start by doing a list of hints/tricks in PvE

1. Dont attack things before the tank has hit it. 'nome lock does some burst and when 'nome has done this a couple of times to much, tank gets upset and doesnt taunt >< 'nome dies
2. If more then 1 mob is present, attack the tanks focus target. If you dont, see 1.
3. Many more then 1 mob present, AoE is fun but see point 1 again.
4. Download Omen and reread point 1 to 3.
5. 'nome locks dont use life tap during AoE heavy encounters when you are running low on health. Can be done if you have befriended a healer that has you as focus target.
6. If you get aggro, make a macro and run from the tanks. /y 'NOME HAS AGGRO, I REPEAT 'NOME HAS AGGRO. This way healers and tanks are made aware.
7. 'nome's are squishy. WTB Vanish, iceblock or something else. Shadow bubbel would be cool as hell.
8. Demonic Circle. Place this 60y from thing you are gonna nuke. Place yourself 30y from thing. This way you have a really good head start on angry mob you`ve pissed off.

Tonight Titter "The pink haired 'nome" tot is going into Ulduar with the same 9 as last week. I`m gonna post my deathcount after it, cause as long as you top one list, you`ve done something right....

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