fredag 24. juli 2009

Ulduar Hard Modes

This week the pink haired 'nome has ventured into Ulduar with 9 and 24 other asshats to wreak havoc to the inhabitants there.

Tittertot climbed into a chopper and drow around like a mad man without purpose and like the good 'nome he is died several times due to heroic attempts. With fire and lightning all over the place, the 'nome finally met his creator while the rest fought and defeatet the tank.

Moving on to XT and his tantrums and evol spells the heart went down quickly enough, but as sure as the sun is hot, 'nome dies from spark. The creator granted him a ressurection but yet again, Titter bites the friggin dust. 9 other asshats finish the fight.

Iron council was up next and blue circle + no omen = some very bad shit for pink haired nomes. The only usefull thing 'nome did this fights was giving a soulstone to the main tank and thus saving the day. Yet again, 9 asshats saves the day with little 'nome having some drinks with the creator. The creator was less then happy with my performance and demanded I get something called Omen. I in turn blame the tank for not keeping things away from the almighty Titter.

Hodir posed some troubles, but in the end he went down. This magical device called omen actually helped Titter in his conquest and not once did Hodir run towards me in rage.

This is from sundays Ulduar 25, killed Freya and Thorim and wiped some on Mimiron. The Pink haired 'nome feels the tanks arnt doing their job. Protecting the friggin pink haired 'nome, but the question should be what the consequenses should be......

There`s no doubt there`ll be some sort vengance.

Anyways Tittertot is more or less happy with the week. Next week will bring more hellish plots from my side as I plan my revenge on the tanks...

Until then, might flowers bloom and people stay pink. PEACE!

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