torsdag 23. juli 2009

The start

A 'nome lock named Tittertot was created some time ago. The name is from god knows where but it`s surly not a fitting name for someone wrecking havoc. It seems more like a friendly lock who will give you candy and compliments. I think we need to think about changing the name to something more fitting. Something cliché for a lock. DestructionIR, Death, Havoc, we`ll just have to see. For now the pink haired 'nome will have his hair pink and still answer to the name Titter"fucking"tot.

It`s been a bumpy road for the little bugger and levling was not fun at all. Until the Emoguard was created. Why the bastard didnt kill me is a mystery, lets face it. When together I reach up to his knees, the friggin axe he`s wielding is bigger then his master.

But here I am, level 80, dressed in purple pixels that lets my e-peen grow by
<-> this much. I`ve tried PvP and PvE and it`s all good fun for now.

Last night I ventured into Ulduar with my guild and it was the first time leading a raid and playing the lock at the same time, man did it suck. I sucked at DPS, fucked up my rotations and died alot. Only time I`ve died more is playing my enhance shammy, there`s a reason I got the nick name "Suicide Squid". A fellow officer even said he would pay me for changing my nick from Bagatov to Suicide Squid.

The diffrence is I died not from taking aggro but from failing on everything else.

My current specc is full destruction, and the rotation is simple. Imo > Chaos > Incin rinse and fucking repeat, but beeing a male, this multi tasking is not for me.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Hell yeah, spiderman got it right. Our hunters in the guild have been on the top of our charts for way to long and it`s time to bring them DOWN! I just need to get my act together and get some more purple pixels <-->. Like spiderman I need to get familiar with my awesome powers and keep 24 others in check. Easy task for the 'nome known as Tittertot.

Until laterz

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